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If you have a potentially life-threatening emergency (examples include; chest pressure, stroke symptoms, diabetic emergency) CALL 9-1-1. Do not use our virtual options.

Emergency Room “Virtual ED”

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center and Summit Medical Group are happy to bring virtual emergency room visits to Wyoming residents. It’s individualized telemedicine healthcare in the comfort and safety of your home.

What is “telemedicine” or “telehealth”?
Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance. Telemedicine evolved dramatically in the last decade and is becoming increasingly important in healthcare. You will speak with an emergency medicine physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner with face-to-face technology using a secure computer or smartphone platform. Within the limitations of this visit, we can best guide you with home management or decide whether you do need to go to the Emergency Department or come to the hospital to be evaluated in person.

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In healthcare, we’re making use of the best technological advances in order to deliver the best care to our patients. MyChart is one of the ways we’re doing it. Sign up today!

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MyChart is a tech-savvy and convenient way for healthcare providers to effectively communicate with patients about medical records, procedures and tests, medications and other important information. Cheyenne Regional’s MyChart portal give patients easy access to their own medical records from the privacy and convenience of their computers or mobile devices.

If you’re a patient at Cheyenne Regional, you can activate your MyChart account today! Once you activate your account, you’ll be able to securely access your records in a user-friendly environment. With MyChart, you can:

  • Refill prescriptions
  • Set up an appointment
  • Ask your provider questions
  • Find out the results of your lab tests
  • Review your medical history
  • Help manage the health of a loved one
  • and more!

Online Scheduling For New Patients

If you are a new patient seeking Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics or Orthopedics, MyChart now offers online scheduling. Select your provider and select your preferred time.

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SmartExam Virtual Visits

You must be registered with MyChart to utilize SmartExam Virtual Visits. SmartExam is available to patients four years of age and older who are established with a Cheyenne Regional Medical Group physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant (provider) and have a MyChart account with our health system. You must be located in Wyoming to receive treatment.

Here are 5 things to know about SmartExam:

  1. Convenient, same-day care—no appointments needed
  2. Use your phone or computer from wherever you are
  3. Diagnosis and care plan from a trusted CRMG provider
  4. Hundreds of common conditions treated quickly (think colds and flu, rashes, UTIs, earaches, pink eye, and more)
  5. No need to turn on your video or even talk to someone on the phone

SmartExam: Convenient, affordable, high-quality care for the whole family

  • Anywhere, anytime
  • No appointment needed, no waiting rooms, and no need to turn on your video
  • Medications sent by your doctor to pharmacy of your choice
  • Treatment from a trusted provider in less than an hour, even at night or on weekends
  • Low-cost option for common healthcare needs

If you don’t have a MyChart account it’s easy to sign up.
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