Safety & Security

You Can Help Prevent Errors in Your Health Care

To prevent healthcare errors , patients are urged to …Speak Up™

Everyone has a role in making healthcare safe. That includes doctors, healthcare executives, nurses, healthcare technicians, and you, the patient. For more information about what you can do to help be more involved in your care, please request a copy of our Speak Up™ brochure (available in both English and Spanish) from your healthcare provider or a member of the Patient Relations Team (dial ext. 7768).

The framework of the Speak Up™ program urges patients to:
  • S – Speak up if you have questions or concerns, and if you don’t understand, ask again. It’s your body and you have a right to know.
  • P – Pay attention to the care you are receiving. Make sure you’re getting the right treatments by the right healthcare professionals. Don’t assume anything.
  • E – Educate yourself about your diagnosis, the medical tests you are undergoing and your treatment plan.
  • A – Ask a trusted family member or friend to be your advocate.
  • K – Know what medications you take and why you take them. Medication errors are the most common healthcare errors.
  • U- Use a hospital, clinic, surgery center or other type of healthcare organization that has undergone a rigorous on-site evaluation against established state-of-the-art quality and safety standards, such as that provided by The Joint Commission.
  • P – Participate in all decisions about your treatment. You are the center of the healthcare team.

The goal of the program is to help patients become more informed and involved in their healthcare.

Smoking Policy

All Cheyenne Regional Medical Center buildings and adjacent property owned or controlled by the hospital are smoke-free and tobacco-free areas. This includes parking structures and parking lots. If you are interested in receiving information on quitting smoking, please call the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program at 1 (800) QUIT-NOW or 1 (800) 784-8669.

Personal or Lost Items

If you misplace a personal belonging during your stay, Cheyenne Regional maintains a Lost and Found. Please call security at extension 7198 to find out if a lost item has been turned in.

Items to Bring With You to the Hospital

When you come to the hospital for admission, you should bring your insurance identification card, any claim forms, Advance Directive (e.g. living will, power of attorney for healthcare), and any personal items your require (such as a robe, night clothing, slippers and toiletries).

Please do not bring any medications with you to the hospital, unless directed by your physician. However, do bring a list of your current medications, including dose and frequency. Please make sure that all over-the-counter and herbal medications are on your list.

Please Leave Your Valuables At Home

We ask that you leave valuable items (such as jewelry) at home or have them sent home after you arrive. Please do not bring electrical appliances (plug-in electric shavers, curling irons, hair dryers, etc.). We cannot be certain of the safety of those items and cannot permit their use in the hospital. Cordless electric shavers are permitted.